More commonly known as a “restraining order,” an injunction is a court order that prohibits a person from taking actions against another person.

In cases where violence, physical or emotional abuse, or harassment leave someone in fear for their safety, they may file for an injunction to seek protection.  Once issued, the injunction gives the court the power to enforce the order, which could potentially lead to criminal charges if the injunction is violated.

The State of Florida issues protective injunctions for one of five reasons:

Domestic Violence

Issued when one member of a household can demonstrate they were the victim of violence from another member of the household or has reason to believe violence may occur in the immediate future (FL Statute 741.30).

Repeat Violence

Can be issued after two separate incidents of violence or stalking have occurred, one of which must have occurred within the last six months (FL Statute 784.046).

Sexual Violence

Available when criminal sexual acts are shown to have been committed, regardless of whether or not criminal charges were filed (or subsequently dismissed) (FL Statute 784.046).

Dating Violence

Issued when one person in a relationship of at least six months in length can demonstrate they were the victim of violence from their partner or has reason to believe violence may occur in the immediate future (FL Statute 784.046).


Can be issued after at least two incidents of stalking (including cyberstalking) or harassment have occurred to protect both adults or minors from further treatment (FL Statute 784.0485).

Seeking an injunction can be a confusing and complicated process, while defending yourself against one is intimidating and potentially fraught with additional legal peril. Whether you’re dealing with a temporary or a permanent injunction, having an experienced attorney at your side can help bring about a resolution that protects the safety and rights of all parties.

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