How do I collect a court ordered judgement?

The first step is to get a Court order requiring the Defendant to file a Fact Information Sheet with the Court listing all of the assets, income, and expenses. That should give you a better idea of what your options are and what type of property the Defendant has. There are firms that exclusively collect on judgments and small firms like mine that provide collection services along with their other areas of practice.

Will doing community service on my own behalf help my chances of getting off probation??

Since you are asking the court to exercise its discretion by terminating your probation early, doing something like community service should help your chances. Dress appropriately and articulate in your request why you believe the court should end the restrictions early.

Can a divorce be stopped if the other party contests it? How long will it hold up the final judgement?

Florida is a ‘no fault’ divorce state and most divorces are granted due to irreconcilable differences. That being said, the Court can order the parties to participate in marriage counseling if one of the parties believes it can repair the marriage. You can still seek the divorce or a final hearing even if the other party objects.

Can i sue and win if my car was being reposed and the tow truck driver pulled away hitting me with my own truck dragging me?

You need to speak to an attorney that handles automobile accidents or negligence cases immediately. Insurance companies, other parties, and likely the state will be contacting you for statements and medical records. Don’t sign or do anything until you’ve spoken to an attorney familiar with these types of cases who can help you navigate the process.

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